New Print on Demand (POD) Shop (Fourthwall) to Feature My Designs!!

Hi there!

I have found a new platform to produce products with my designs on them. Yea! In fact, there are more products than the other platforms I have my designs on. It will take me a little while to go through them, decide which will best suit my work, and upload the designs, as I am now doing my art in my free time.

According to several product reviews (they’re hard to find, since it’s a newer platform), the quality is very good! When I get a chance, and when I have more designs on more products, I will be ordering some sample products to test for myself.

Yoga Mat – Yin-Yang Zen in Teal

I plan on introducing my first collection of wellness products soon. Before I can finish that, here is a teaser. I have only one product on Fourthwall available. It is a yoga mat! It is a design I have offered on things like phone cases and such on other platforms. But, WOW, I think it looks very zen and suitable for yoga and stretching! What do you think?

I have a friend who is an online fitness and wellness coach. She suggested I start a collection of fitness and wellness related products. And I’ve decided that that is what I will start with on Fourthwall.

In time, I will load more designs. And if you would like to see any design on this site on new products, please let me know!

Thank you!